How do we identify new customer opportunities?

Creating new customer opportunities is challenging and requires significant time, effort and resources to be successful. It requires the unearthing of deep, tailored and specific insights, as well as an understanding of the influencers and decision makers you need to reach and which channels are most appropriate. 

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Rackspace identify over a 50% uplift
in new customer opportunities

We can help you


your target market(s) more deeply across a range of demographic, firmographic and behaviourial variables.


your ideal customer to ensure you not only understand their behaviours, but that they align to your organisation’s own values and offers too.


account-centric insight to develop tailored use cases, as well as a differentiated narrative to place your organisation on their radar.

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Insights and

  • Market segmentation
  • Ideal customer profiling

Brand and

  • Value propositions
  • Sales enablement

Strategy and

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Campaign strategy development

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