Insights and analysis

Marketing teams need to understand customers' needs more deeply than ever before. Traditional insights focus on demographics, and while they’re important, true understanding lies in considering behaviour and uncovering the ‘white space’ no other vendor has explored.


We help you better understand your customers and prospects through sophisticated research techniques and data analysis that enables you to target markets better and profiles audiences more accurately. This ensures you can meet their needs quicker and more effectively.

Truly understanding your customers and prospects is one of the holy grails of B2B marketing. Buyers have become increasingly nuanced in their behaviour and expect specialised treatment.



Increase sales and forge closer relationships with your stakeholders by gaining a deeper understanding of the markets you operate in. Our innovative research techniques and data analysis means you’ll have more than simple demographic data in your hands. We uncover behaviours specific to different groups that cut across industry, company size and job function, meaning you can deliver precisely to their needs.


Ideal customer

Not every customer or prospect is a match for your organisation. We identify those that are, meaning the efforts of both your marketing and sales teams are focused on the organisations that can make a difference to your bottom line. We consider buying needs, behaviours, spending and values, matching them to your solutions and services to ensure those customers ‘stick’.



Trying to gather deep and meaning insights about specific industry verticals, country or region data to support your go to market strategy can be challenging. We offer a range of services to help support your organisation's needs from bespoke first party research to uncover specific data points, through to third party (analyst / market) papers that uncover data points around market opportunity.


Account profiling and stakeholder mapping

With market insights to hand, we can help you apply that information to target accounts by identifying, selecting and prioritising the right accounts to include in your strategic marketing campaigns. We can help you delve deeper into account specifics, such as strategic priorities, key initiatives and challenges, as well as identify who you need to target, offering true insight into individuals based on actual behaviours.

Qualified marketing leads and an
uplift in revenue.

Detailed messaging delivered through sales enablement assets

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Strategy and

Smarter planning aligned

to your needs

Brand and

Create powerful


Creative and

Nurture the customer


Delivering qualified marketing leads

Our deep knowledge of the security issues impacting Australian organisations means we’re able to build content assets across a raft of areas. From draft presentations for Rapid7 leaders at industry events and conferences, as well as creating nurture and account based marketing campaigns, built around a series of content pieces aimed at prospects along the buyer's journey.


Responding to rapid 

How to target different groups of organisations based upon behaviour.

Nurturing the customer journey

Spanning events, opinion articles, case studies and email nurture campaigns.

Better understand 

Qualified marketing leads for sales teams and an uplift in revenue.

Becoming a global content engine

Creating content and customer campaigns for international teams.

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