Strategy and planning

We help you develop campaigns that link across your teams, including sales, product, go-to-market and customer experience. It's about developing a clear strategy, encompassing people from across your organisation to consider how each team drives towards a collective goal. We analyse how a customer engages with your organisation, the journey they take, their various touch points and what needs to happen to ensure that journey is as smooth and as rewarding as it can be.

Successful marketing campaigns are born from smart planning that feeds into the entire business to deliver great outcomes. Our insights and analysis enables the marketing function to be at the centre of strategic planning.


Campaign strategy

With acquisition and retention at the core of the marketing function, we ensure the needs, pain points and goals of your audiences are identified. These are captured through either workshops or one on one interviews where we focus on line of alignment, strategy, insights and messaging from across the business to produce a collective, targeted view.


Campaign strategy

Marketing plays a crucial, central role in being able to create successful strategies that drive a bigger, more valuable pipeline, faster. We work in partnership with you to develop campaign strategies grounded in deep, evidence-based insights that resonate with and bring successful outcomes for your entire organisation.


Customer journey mapping

Customers and prospects will interact with your organisation across various different points - and while it’s not always a linear journey, their experience should always be second to none. We help you understand how and where people engage with your organisation, what they’re looking for, as well as the best way to reach them by mapping their journey to reach their desired outcome.


Tactical campaign planning

We develop tactical plans to be owned by marketing teams and aligned to the strategic goals of the organisation. From digital channels, through to creative content and physical events, we’ll develop a tangible and coordinated plan with your resources and marketing maturity in mind.

Becoming a global content engine

The success of what we’ve achieved locally has led to demand for our content ‘brains’ across the global Rapid7 business. 

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Insights and

Better understand

customers and prospects

Brand and

Create powerful


Creative and

Nurture the customer


Target different groups of organisations based upon behaviour.

The Rackspace Australia team experienced rapid growth over a number of years. Their ‘fanatical support’ message resonated well. But as the cloud market matured in Australia, feedback from sales was that Rackspace needed more than simply a ‘support’ message.


Responding to rapid 

How to target different groups of organisations based upon behaviour.

Nurturing the customer journey

Spanning events, opinion articles, case studies and email nurture campaigns.

Better understand 

Qualified marketing leads for sales teams and an uplift in revenue.

Becoming a global content engine

Creating content and customer campaigns for international teams.

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