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While there are commonalities in how for example a CIO performs their role, or the outcomes a manufacturing organisation wishes to achieve, these indicators rarely talk to firmographics. That is behaviours, desires, wants or needs that cut across job function or industry. For example, not all Government departments are technology laggards; some are considerably advanced in their digitalisation. Segmenting the market and understanding customer profiles is essential in being able to speak the right language to the right organisation at the right time. Rackspace needed a different approach.


Customers behaviours, wants and needs

A market segmentation delivers on the brief of understanding customer behaviours, wants and needs. In order to identify and quantify the segments in the market, a Max Diff model was used to determine the relative importance of 15 different attributes for deciding on an IT infrastructure/cloud provider. The Max Diff model goes beyond hierarchical ordering of importance; it also quantifies the relative importance placed on different aspects, i.e. Attribute A is more important than Attribute B and how much more important it.


Once the relative importance of the factors is modelled, the data from this question is combined with firmographic variables, including IT spend, company age, industry, etc. and grouped into clusters/segments based on how similarly respondents answer across these questions.


Prior to any research taking place, detailed qualitative interviews took place across a range of stakeholders. From Rackspaces team members, through to media and analysts, current Rackspace customers, as well as ‘nearly’ customers who decided not to pursue a commercial relationship with the business. Gaining a broad cross section of opinions enabled us to truly understand how the market currently perceived Rackspace as well as what they wanted to see from the organisation.

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Detailed messaging delivered through sales enablement assets


Over and above presenting the segmentation and an understanding of how to target different groups of organisations based upon behaviour, one of the biggest findings was understanding how well the ‘fanatical support’ message resonated.

In short, just 11% of decision makers outlined this as one of their primary needs, meaning Rackspace had an opportunity to offer a different proposition with the other 89%. Their primary go to market message simply didn’t resonate with a huge proportion of the people they were targeting. Fanatical support was seen as a great retention strategy but didn’t deliver as far as acquisition was concerned.

Armed with this new information, Rackspace leaders, sales and marketing teams decided to focus on three of the six segments to broaden their appeal to over 50% of the market they felt their current value and product proposition felt would fit best.

Detailed messaging was prepared and delivered through sales enablement assets that resulted in more qualified marketing leads being passed to sales teams, as well as an uplift in revenue.

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