How do we build greater influence within our existing client base?

Selling beyond your immediate contacts can’t simply be reliant upon recommendations and advocacy. It’s about educating people as to the value you can bring and relating that to their own challenges. That means building an insightful and compelling story that resonates, something that talks to their needs and meets their objectives.

Discover how we helped a leading
global IT services organisation build greater influence
within some of Africa's leading financial services institutions

We can help you


and provide the champions within your client business with the right information to further extend your story and capabilities.

Be relevant...

to their world and further understand what it is they’re trying to achieve so you can position your own story in that context.


your target customer's movements to ensure you know how to reach them at important events and industry gatherings.

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Insights and

  • Ideal customer profiling
  • Stakeholder mapping

Brand and

  • Value propositions
  • Brand identity

Strategy and

  • Strategy workshop
  • Customer journey mapping

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