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As the influence of technology reaches further into organisations and beyond technology contacts, this major global IT services organisation wanted to ensure its propositions, influence and capabilities extended deeply within a number of major clients in the financial services sector.


Having set-up an account based marketing (ABM) function to further that ambition, we partner with the marketing teams to analyse and create messaging for specific accounts. From this, tailored sales enablement assets are developed to directly target individuals within the client organisation as part of request for proposals (RFPs).


Asking the tough questions

Building greater influence begins with a deep analysis of the account; identifying opportunities, issues, challenges and indeed, the personalities we're trying to reach. With an external lens (and sometimes a different perspective), we help get to the heart of the issues or challenges that might be a stumbling block to internal teams. Or, simply uncovering a line of thinking that hasn't been explored yet.


Working with this global IT services business, we help them create highly targeted positioning for a range of their clients operating in the Middle East and Africa region across the financial services sector. 


We take a workshop led approach that involves the core members of the account team. This spans insights into the currrent market, the client's business, the RFP opportunity and the specific messaging that will resonate with the major decisions makers within the financial services organisations.



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Sales assets


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Sales and marketing assets that resonate 


Because of the way in which we develop messaging, we're abe to develop sales and marketing assets that resonate with our target audience. 


For each ABM campaign we produce a sales narrative which includes a specific 'identifier', that is how we're positioning this IT services business with each account it's targeting. Each positioning is slightly different and nuanced, depending upon the opportunity and type of business we're targeting. 


Second, we consider the 'gain creators' we're offering, that is the challenges we're solving and how the IT servcies business is helping to create better outcomes for their clients. And finally, but no less improtantly are the differentiators. In a world of me too products and services, brand is everything. What is it that convinces organisations that this IT services business is different and why they are right for them? 


Once developed, these messaging are built into campaign containing a raft of content assets, which include messaging for the RFP document, sales brochures and social media posts targeting individuals.

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How to target different groups of organisations based upon behaviour.

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Qualified marketing leads for sales teams and an uplift in revenue.

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We create content and customer campaigns for APAC, EMEA and US teams.

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