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Unique points of difference that challenge conventional thinking are few and far between. Well-written, informed content captivates buyers and entices them to discover more about the organisation. But the secret to achieving this comes from informed, thinkers who know your industry.


The Access Group, a leading provider of business software solutions and services, sought to increase customer acquisition and retention through thought leadership insights that sales and account managers could leverage during customer conversations.


Our first thought leadership campaign with The Access Group, Autonomy to the People, revealed a clear disconnect between the way organisations operate and how people want them to, favouring working styles that are less hierarchical and more autonomous. And what enables autonomy? The technology, of course. 


As a natural evolution, this year, we set out to prove how an organisation works and why it works are as vital to people as how it performs. 


Growth has become hardwired in our consciousness as hard numbers investors can see and understand, such as revenue, sales volume and profit margin. However, customers, employees and stakeholders are urging organisations to go beyond financial measurements to consider their impact on the prosperity of their people and prioritise social, psychological and ecological value creation as well as financial return.


We hypothesised that most enterprises place much of their emphasis on performance and specific metrics such as productivity or efficiency. Yet that focus can conflict with achieving the other elements of consistent, durable and long-term value creation. But to further understand the link between working models and our new, broad vision of growth, we needed to examine how employee autonomy contributes to economic, social, psychological and ecological well-being.

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respondents surveyed


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The beginnings of a hypothesis


To test our thinking, we:

  • conducted 12 executive interviews with a variety of stakeholders not only within the Access Group but customers, media and external influencers.
  • reviewed the literature and existing research on current growth models and what they mean to modern-day enterprises.


With our assumptions validated, we formulated an in-depth study to fully understand the importance of both profits and prosperity to people. We asked 637 respondents to rate 16 value statements (on a scale from 0-10) in respect of the organisation they work for. Each was aligned to a measure of business success: economic, ecological, psychological or societal outcomes. 


Additionally, each of the statements was aligned to a specific stakeholder group: employees, customers, partners and the community. Once respondents rated each statement's importance to them personally, they were also asked to rate their organisation's performance in being able to meet that measure.


Simplifying the complex


We analysed mulitiple data sets to narrow down key findings that would determine the basis of our positioning and messaging. And although these seemingly insignificant, standalone pieces of data may not mean much initially, when joined together, they create powerful insights and trends that differentiate organisations.


We used a mixture of data visualisation, storytelling, and thought leadership to ensure our findings were easily digestible for business leaders and influencers. Our aim was to make it easy for readers to understand how they could improve their own organisation by applying The Access Group learnings.

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