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As an extended part of the Rapid7 marketing teams, we support the APJ and EMEA regions on a raft of activities that all drives towards generating qualified leads. From campaign strategy through to sales enablement, thought leadership and content and creative support. 


It begins with a story

Spanning numerous mediums, we devised a strategy based on target audience needs across the security function. From Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), through to security architects and IT leads for whom security was ‘bolted’ onto their role, our content was tailored to match certain levels of understanding and needs.


Regardless of format or medium, great content begins with a great story, one that can be molded and adapted across channels, as well as multiple indutsry sectors. This includes, government, financial services, manufacturing, medical, insurance and more. Working with local country leads, a range of hero topics were identified (aligned to Rapid7 solutions), which then evolved across and into the various needs of our audience.


This covered compliance guides focused on helping organisations work their way through government guidelines, such as the Essential Eight compliance guide, to thought leadership articles, such as guiding organisations through the security challenges associated with the global pandemic. The strong industry focus continues, such as outlining actions financial services organisations can take to reduce their attack surface.



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Our deep knowledge of the security issues impacting organisations across a variety of regions means we’re able to build content assets across multiple topics. From draft presentations for Rapid7 leaders at industry events and conferences, as well as creating nurture and account based marketing campaigns, built around a series of content pieces aimed at prospects along the buyer's journey.


Becoming a global content engine


The success of what we’ve achieved has led to demand for our content ‘brains’ across the global Rapid7 business. Our work is seen as integral to keeping the marketing funnel moving and providing MQLs to the sales teams.

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Responding to Rapid 

How to target different groups of organisations based upon behaviour.

Nurturing the Customer Journey

Spanning events, opinion articles, case studies and email nurture campaigns.

Better Understand 

Qualified marketing leads for sales teams and an uplift in revenue.

Becoming a Global Content Engine

We create content and customer campaigns for APAC, EMEA and US teams.

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