We help your business have better conversations with the stakeholders that matter most – your employees and customers. We’re driven by honest and insightful consultancy. And, we understand your business, market and the environment around it be that social, political and economic.

Dan, founder of Meta Strategy has spent 20 years working in some of the world’s leading agencies. Delivering award-winning campaigns for businesses across the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia. But, it’s not just about winning awards. We get a massive kick out of devising campaigns that create real impact. Nothing drives us more than seeing the work we do have a profound impact or change on the way in which organisations operate. Be that behavioural, financial or operational. 

This experience has built the foundations and meaning behind why Meta Strategy exists. Our experience of working with some of the world’s leading marketing and communications heads in some of the world’s leading companies has taught us three simple things.

  • Do what you say you’re going to do – Know what you’re talking about and know it will be successful
  • Do it on time – Meet (and exceed) expectations
  • Do it with a smile on your face – Be nice to everyone – it costs nothing. We’re all fighting a personal battle of some sort